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About Us

Our purpose is to save our customers money by selling the products they use in bulk for as close to wholesale prices as we can get.

We focus on construction related products because that’s what we know.

We are family owned and operated, shipping orders from Coquitlam BC and, when possible, direct from local suppliers across Canada.



What do we do?

We run with low operating costs, buying large bulk and passing on savings wherever we can.

We test what we sell and aim for quality equal to or better than competing brand names.

What we can't import ourselves, we buy from as close to the original manufacturer as possible for the best price possible.

We stock a smaller variety of products to keep our prices low and recognize most contractors and businesses want a few choices rather than thousands.

We strive to reply to all emails and missed phone calls within 1 hour during regular business hours.



How we started:

Keep It Direct Contractor Supply Ltd. started because we saw the opportunity to serve homeowners, contractors and businesses that buy bulk products but don’t get bulk pricing. 

Shopping in a garden center, we saw $10.00 pairs of gloves that cost $4.00 in a hardware store and $3.00-$3.50 for customers buying hundreds of pairs who find a manager to negotiate with. 

What we recognized was, there are a lot of companies who buy wholesale quantities and are stuck paying retail prices. 

We started looking into manufacturers who produced good quality with fair pricing and found we can sell quality work gloves in bulk for as low as $1.00 per pair. Gloves weren’t the only product like this and we have expanded into a number of different import products including recip blades, snap off blades and hook blades since then.


Why “Keep It Direct”?

Our name is our goal.

Before you buy a product it has likely passed through the hands of 4 or more companies. Because of this, It's not uncommon that what you are considering buying is being sold for over 20x the cost of manufacturing and importing. Even with more competitive products, for every middle man you eliminate, savings are created.

We have determined to:

  • Have as short a supply chain as possible. Instead of manufacturer - importer - distributor - retailer - customer, we work to "Keep It Direct": manufacturer – Keep It Direct - customer. We will import products under our own brand "WorkDone" so we can sell in larger bulk and greater savings. In all other areas, we will get as close as possible to the original manufacturer so we can offer the best prices.

  • Keep operating costs as low as possible – our online only model lets us offer free shipping and still have significantly lower prices than a retail store.

  • Cater to contractors and small-medium sized businesses by targeting our product selection, quantity, quality and delivery to match what works for them.

  • Support charities locally, nationally and internationally. You can check out our “Community Involvement” area below for more info.

  • Offer low prices and bulk discounts to every customer without requiring an account or negotiation.


If you have any questions, feel free to email

Most inquiries are answered within 1-2 hours.   



Community Involvement

Every month, Keep It Direct donates a percentage of it’s profits to charity. Our three favorite charities are described below so you can read about and consider supporting them directly. We’re based out of the lower mainland in BC and have a goal to help out locally, nationally and internationally. If you have a favourite charity, let us know. As we grow and are able to give more, we'd like to add to this list.  

Mission Possible:

Mission Possible trains and employs homeless and unemployed people from the Vancouver Downtown East Side. They do maintenance work, recycle soaps, do security and numerous other jobs. By providing the training and opportunity to work, people achieve the dignity and confidence necessary to obtain long term employment and independence. They operate on the fact that handouts are short term solutions; if you really want change, you need to give people a chance to change themselves. Retraining people to enter the workforce costs a lot and the money from their services doesn't cover all the people they help which makes donations a big part of their success.  

Canadian Red Cross:

The Canadian Red Cross responds to thousands of tragedies and disasters each year. From flooding, fires and train wrecks to providing meals, medical equipment and rides for the elderly, they help people when they need it most out of situations anyone could be in. Internationally, about one third of Canadian Red Cross’ donations goes to help in Disaster response and development projects. 

World Concern:

We first heard about World Concern because of their S.O.S. campaign. Girls and boys as young as 5 are stolen out of their beds at night, often by relatives becoming victims of human trafficking. World Concern workers operate a hotline for families to call when their children go missing. When they get a tip, they investigate and try to rescue the child, sometimes sneaking at night into where the children are captive and taking them back. Where local authorities are ineffective at enforcing child protection laws, these people prevent entire lifetimes of abuse. 


If you want to learn more or support the charities above, just follow these links: